Environmental sustainability and the war on plastic

Environmental sustainability and the war on plastic

At Appetite Events, one of our main focus points is to ensure we are all ethically and environmentally aware, fighting the day-to-day war on plastic! We do many things to make sure that we are doing just this. From recycling, using local food and drink suppliers to using plant-based ‘plastics’. Our Director Nigel is particularly passionate about this issue. 

We avoid using plastics wherever possible, cutting out plastic straws, using reusable food storage solutions and ensuring that all disposables come from sustainable sources and are plastic free. One of the services we offer is an individual, bespoke, luxury picnic box, which is a brilliant low cost alternative to buffets for conferences, picnics, outdoor events or food for people in transit. For our disposable food packaging, we only use Vegware, and we have also recently began using Eco For Life water bottles, a British company supplying spring water- both companies use only plant based ‘plastics’ which are fully compostable. 


Our Picnic boxes themselves are only made from either biodegradable material such as bamboo- or are designed to be reusable, recyclable or compostable, such as vintage tins or a boutique picnic basket! Wherever avoiding pesky packaging is not viable- we recycle everything possible. Our waste management partners Changeworks, (Edinburgh’s leading recycling company), provide us with measurable data of how much waste we have saved from landfills through recycling and tips on how we can do even more to cut back on this; our most recent figures show we are almost reaching our 80% recycling target and in June, and saved enough waste to save a HGV truck driving 882km! 

Our Executive Chef Iain Thompson is particularly keen on making sure that the suppliers he chooses for our ingredients supply only local Scottish produce and he is delighted to say that all of the Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Fish we use is all from Scotland (or Scottish seas!) and MSC certified which not only cuts down on our environmental footprint but supports local farmers and fishermen.

We are so committed to the local and seasonal approach to designing menus that we grow our own tomatoes, herbs, edible flowers, peas, beans and courgettes in a mini polytunnel and planters outside our HQ in Granton. Christophe Peletier one of our fantastic kitchen team, looks after our garden and also provides us with foraged ingredients- sometimes even fresh Mackerel and Lobster which he catches around North Berwick. 

One of our kitchens key suppliers is Greencity Wholefoods, who pride themselves on being a green company, providing only organic and ethically sourced food and drinks. Some of our other local producers include Phantassy Organic Produce and Katy Rodgers Dairy which are all within 50 miles of Edinburgh.

When planning an event we also have to think about all things drink related! Brewgooder by Brewdog is our house lager as it is not just a great craft lager- it also gives so much back ethically, pledging to bring clean water to 1 million people by donating 100% of their profits to the cause. We also do our best to be a paperless organisation by using e-brochures rather than print, e-invoicing and email receipts on our bars.

Nigel Kennedy, Director of Appetite Events says; ‘Of course, these are small steps in our fight to reduce our carbon foot print and impact on the environment. The ambition is to work towards becoming 100% carbon neutral by 2025. We believe that this is a realistic possibility if we employ best practice and technology when planning for the future.’