40th Birthday Party

40th Birthday Party

40th Birthday Party at a Private Home in Ratho

Numbers - 140 guests

Brief - We say private home, but actually the brief was to convert two chicken sheds into a venue for a champagne and canapé reception, followed by a three course dinner for 140 guests. Later, the venue was turned into a nightclub and cocktail bar for dancing to continue the celebrations.

For this event we partnered with 88 Events (props, linen and furniture) and Cairns and Scott (hire equipment). One of the main challenges was the lack of kitchen facilities which we addressed by converting the barn next to the sheds into a fully functional kitchen. Being prepared for any weather, we had to line the barn and provide gas, electricity, water and heating to both the barn and the sheds. Covered walkways were provided for both staff and guests and
duckboard matting had to be provided for delivery areas and walkways.

Guests arrived via a 150 meter lantern lit path with a coloured wash on the trees. Canapés and champagne were then served in the first shed. For dinner we served  an updated King Prawn cocktail and medium rare Scottish rib eye with french fries salad and pepper sauce which was a particular favourite of the birthday boy.   

Once dinner service was complete, we had twenty minutes to clear the room and reset with banquette style seating, low tables and poseur tables while
the guests took coffee in the first shed. The cocktail bar then opened and dancing commenced to a DJ playing 80’s and 90’s music. The party wrapped up at around 5.30 am!

Results: A successful event which ran to time and on budget and generated a number of new client enquiries for Appetite Direct.

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